Fury Enters The World Of Tanks: Wargaming Event Lets You Become Brad Pitt With New Medium Tier IV American Tank, Two New Missions

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 15, 2014 04:02 PM EDT

It is a truth universally accepted that any tank related media released in the world must be in want of support by Wargaming, the purveyors of the online battle sim World of Tanks.

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In honor of Friday's release of Fury, the Brad Pitt WWII action film which is getting some pretty great reviews, Wargaming is letting its World of Tanks players climb into the titular M4A3E8 Sherman tank from today, October 15 at 4 PM Pacific, until December 10.

From the official Wargaming site, "Featuring the "Fury" barrel marking, this Sherman is decked out as it is in the film, and it's ready to take on the starring role in a battle near you. As it is based upon the M4A3E8, this tank is a tier VI medium; however, unlike its counterpart, Fury has the benefits of a Premium vehicle."

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It comes better-equipped than a stock Sherman, and can earn more Credits per battle. It is also useful for speedier Crew training thanks to its built-in XP multiplier.

The Fury in-game purchase comes in both standard and premium. The standard costs $29.99 and will net you the Fury tank along with 2600 gold, while the 'Maximum Fury' package will set you back a cool $99.99, and includes the tank and 25000 gold to tide you over. Also included in both packages is the crew, led by Brad Pitt's Wardaddy which are fully upgraded and trained, so you can get right into the action.

The event comes with two additional missions, in which you must destroy either 100 tanks from either German or American forces by December 10. Doing so will net you a day of Premium time, plus some other rewards.

Fury comes out on Friday, October 17. You can download and start playing World of Tanks for free here.

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