Saw Returns To Theaters Halloween For Limited 10th Anniversary Re-Release: Is Saw 8 Coming 2015?

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 24, 2014 05:24 PM EDT

Has it really been 10 years since the original Saw took theaters by storm? Like Friday the 13th or Halloween, it feels like one those things that simply always has been.

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But sure enough, ten years ago this month, we got to see Westley debate the finer points of battlefield amputations. The movie was made for a paltry $1.2 million and went on to gross $55 million before its run ended. It also introduced us to the 2000's greatest serial killer: Jigsaw, a more refined killer who valued the game and inter-personal conflicts that arise in horror situations.

Six more sequels were released on pretty much a yearly basis, all with varying degrees of quality. Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, released in 2010, was the last time that Jigsaw appeared on screen and tied the series up in a nice Orouboros like circular manner (it even featured Carey Elwes!). The film, the only chapter done in 3D, was poorly received but did financially well.

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But there will always be the original Saw. To celebrate the franchise's 10th anniversary, Lionsgate is bringing back the film to theaters this Halloween. Late night shows are planned for October 30 which will begin a one week only engagement at select theaters across the nation.

To celebrate, a fourth collectible poster has been released featuring a drawn version of one of Jigsaw's oh so elaborate headtraps and a helpless looking victim trapped within.

An eighth chapter has long been rumored. Last November, it was rumored that Saw VIII was in development at Lionsgate. It even has its own IMDB page! A spring 2015 release was rumored, but everything is speculation at this point. Also, 'if it's Easter Sunday, it must be Saw' doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Even Leigh Whannel, the writer of the original film isn't involved. While at SXSW this year, he said (with thanks to Screenrant):

"A lot of people have been tweeting me about that and to my knowledge, no ... I haven't heard anyone from Lionsgate tell me anything and I'm certainly not involved in anything, so I don't think it is."

When asked if resurrecting the Saw franchise, which was ubiquitous for the decade, would even be a good idea anymore? "Maybe. If it was the same team and they were going in with the right attitude of really wanting to do something different and not just kind of milking the sequels. But I feel that I would almost be a detriment. I feel like I have contributed all I can to that character and I would almost want to see someone new come in because they would have a fresh set of eyes and probably new ideas whereas I kind of did my time on that, so I probably wouldn't want to be involved. But I wouldn't mind if they did. As long as they came to it with something crazy and new, you know?"

Whannell is currently doing press for the upcoming Insidious: Chapter 3, to which he is a writer. The Insidious films are all sorts of ridiculous fun and you should check them out.

Still, a 10th anniversary screening is the perfect time to announce any updates on any upcoming projects. Might we be hearing more about the return of Jigsaw next week? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, the original Saw, which holds up quite well, is out in theaters just in time for Halloween. Find a showing near your house.

So, do you wanna play another game of Saw? Let us know.

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