Dark Knight Rises: Sexy Catwoman the Reason for PG13 Sensual Rating?

By , Updated Apr 10, 2012 06:57 PM EDT

The Dark Knight Rises officially received a PG-13 rating for violence, action, and sensuality from the MPAA.

Director Christopher Nolan's final film of the Batman trilogy remains consistent as the previous two movies also received a PG-13 rating for violence and action.  The sensuality rating would be a first for Nolan's Batman film and fingers are pointing towards the caped crusader's sexy rival Catwoman as the reason. 

Catwoman is arguably one of the most popular characters in the DC comic books franchise.  Batman's history with his female rival has resulted in numerous on and off romantic relationships.  Fans have witnessed the caped crusader repeatedly falling for this feline villain due to her sexy charm. 

Anne Hathaway will be portraying Catwoman's alter ego, Selina Kyle, in The Dark Knight Rises, and may be Bruce Wayne's new love interest.  The last time fans saw the odd couple on the silver screen was in 1992 when director Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" starred Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. 

Pfeiffer's sexy and seductive performance captured the attention of fans worldwide.  Also, who can forget the white-stitched skin tight bodysuit that Pfeiffer donned for her role?  There were also several sensual  moments between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. 

Can we expect to see something similar in Nolan's upcoming film?

Nolan's films carry a more real-life take on the Batman universe.  Anne Hathaway's Catwoman suit in the Dark Knight Rises may not appear as sexy since it was designed for tactical and practical reasons.  Though in leaked photos, the costume does include some high heels and definitely tight fitting curves.   

But aside from how the costume looks, Catwoman's persona in itself includes sensuality.  Combine that with another female character, Talia Al Ghul, as a potential love interest for Batman and we may see The Dark Knight Rises fitting very nicely into the PG-13 sensual rating.

Check out leaked photos of Catwoman's suit from The Dark Knight Rises.  Also view some sexy Catwoman costumes through the ages.  Click "START" to begin.


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