Capcom Leaks "Lost Planet 3" Trailer, Reveals Giant Ice-Crab Battle

By , Updated Apr 11, 2012 12:22 AM EDT

Capcom has leaked details online that confirmed its upcoming title Lost Planet 3 is currently in development.

The information revealed that Capcom is working with Spark Unlimited, a western game development studio, in an online video trailer. 

Lost Planet 3 will place its focus back on strong narratives and gameplay.  According to co creator Kenji Oguro, the game will contain numerous side quests, upgrades, unlockable items, and a good dose of conversations with non playable characters that will help drive the story along. 

"It's very different," said Oguro in an interview with video game website CVG.

"Lost Planet 2 focused on online and multiplayer but Lost Planet 3 has a very strong narrative focus. I've had a lot of ideas about the series that I haven't been able to realize until now - in particular how I can make the player perform a certain action or make them feel a certain way. These are the kinds of things I put a lot of thought into realizing the third Lost Planet. In that regard, it kind of makes good on a lot the lingering ideas we had for the series in general," added Oguro.

Fans of Lost Planet 2 will notice that the lush tropical landscapes are missing in the franchise's latest title.  Since Lost Planet 3 serves as a prequel to its earlier two games, the characters arrive on E.D.N. III with plans for colonization. Players will learn more about the world of E.D.N.III as they explore icy landscapes and control bipedal mechanical rigs. 

Players navigate the game's hero and expedition rig worker , Jim, through dangerous icy landscapes atop the ice planet.  Using his set of tools and operating mechanical rigs, Jim braces the unforgiving terrains and threatening foes in search for Thermal Energy.  The game is a first person shooter that also allows for both multiplayer or single player mode.

I wanted the world to be much more vast and I wanted to give the player the ability to explore it. I couldn't figure it out so Lost Planet became more like an arcade experience.

"Now I have additional knowledge as a director, and we have additional technological skill at this stage in the console cycle, so for Lost Planet 3 we've been able to create a bigger world and match my original vision. This is what Lost Planet was meant to be, and I hope you'll be happy to play it next year."

Lost Planet 3 is expected for a first half 2013 release and will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Check out the latest leaked video trailer for Lost Planet 3.  And check out some gorgeous artwork and screenshot by clicking on "START."

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