Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Lord Of The Hunt DLC Details: Two New Animals And The Warchiefs That Ride Them, And More Torvin

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 30, 2014 11:46 AM EDT

A few details have emerged about the upcoming Lord of the Hunt DLC for Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor.

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Kotaku reports that the DLC pack, due out later this year, "focuses on building out the chaotic wildlife in Monolith's excellent new open world game by adding some monsters, a handful of epic runes, and a few extra missions with Torvin, the beefy and ambiguously sexual dwarf hunter players got to meet briefly during the original story."

The pack will introduce two new beasts, a new wretched graug which can spit poison. Which is always fun to go up against, and Caragaths, which are described as "like Panthers".

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Additionally, the Orc and Uruk warchiefs will now be able to mount up and ride into battle ontop of their animals. Images of the warg raid in The Two Towers come to mind (sans ridiculous Legolas) and was always one of my favorite action sequences in the series. The randomness and disorganization of it. Very little prep time and now these damn monsters are riding on top of other monsters? Awesome.

Sounds like Lord of the Hunt is going to make you work for it. Killing warchiefs is hard enough as is, throwing in that extra element (a steed that can also attack you) should add a nice dash of danger to the mix.

The DLC is due out by the end of the year for $9.99. You can, of course, buy in bulk and pick up the season pass for $24.99.

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