Nintendo Wii U Leaks New 'Mario 4' Game, More "Surprising" Titles at E3?

By , Updated Apr 16, 2012 03:51 PM EDT

Nintendo's Super Mario franchise creator Shigeru Miyamoto leaked some new information about an upcoming Mario game title for the next-gen "Wii U" console.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Miyamoto spoke about plans to reveal the new Super Mario Wii U game at E3.  The new game will integrate gameplay with the new Wii U controller equipped with tablet screen and utilize additional television elements. 

A Nintendo representative spoke about the inquiries made by gaming website "Eurogamer" in a statement.

"In a recent interview, Mr. Miyamoto confirmed that a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U system will be shown at this year's E3 Expo.  We'll have more to announce about our plans for the E3 Expo at a later date."

With very few information, the new Wii U Mario game could be anything.  One possible speculation could be that it the game will utilize the Wii U's new technology in making it beyond a side-scroller.  Nintendo already confirmed that it was working on a sides-scrolling Mario game scheduled to be available for the 3DS.  One other likely speculation is the possibly that the game will be titled "Super Mario 4" as the domain was registered by Nintendo recently. 

"I'm working on several projects but I think that I cannot talk about them all [laughs]," said Miyamoto in an interview with El Mundo.  "Some are small but important projects for Wii U. Also on a new Pikmin, which will take advantage of the new HD screen resolution, and on Luigi's Mansion for 3DS."

Among Miyamoto's list of future games, he has told Edge gaming magazine his desire to create "surprising" Wii U games based on past Nintendo hit titles.  Among this is Super Mario, Zelda, and F-Zero.

"I think at the time it was a really big surprise, a new thing, a product that made sense," said Miyamoto. "I don't see with current hardware how you could create a similar surprise. But maybe with future hardware, with Wii U coming up, maybe we could create something that does make sense, either as a smaller game, or a fully fledged title."

He hints that F-Zero may make a return on a new platform which will allow him to design some new "surprises" into the game. 

Miyamoto also spoke on how he is preparing the next generation of game developers at Nintendo for his eventual retirement.  Could we see an exciting lineup of past Nintendo titles for the new Wii U console before the gaming legend, Miyaomoto, retires?


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