Preorder Alone In The Dark Illumination Now: Latest Entry Into Venerable Survival Horror Series Comes To Steam On PC This Fall [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Nov 03, 2014 12:40 PM EST

Were you a little disappointed with The Evil Within, Shinji Mikami's return to the roots of survival horror? It's alright if you were. Atari and PURE FPS have heard you and have released the latest trailer for the next entry into the venerable survival horror franchise, Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

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Illumination is the sixth installment in the franchise, which began back in 1992. The last, Alone in the Dark: Inferno was released in 2008 for the PS3. Illumination is a 3rd person, four player co-op online experience that utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 and will involve a healthy amount of demon hunting.

Players will assume the role of one of four characters, two of whom are related to the characters from the original games, and investigate the recent supernatural shenanigans occurring in the town of Lorwich, Virginia. Hmmm...Lorwich, that sounds suspicious.

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The Alone In The Dark series has never been coy about its Lovecraftian influences. The new Steam pre-order trailer even features an abridged selection of verses from one Lovecraft's most famous poems, Nemesis.

I have seen the dark universe yawning,
Where the black planets roll without aim;
Where they roll in their horror unheeded, without knowledge or lustre or name.

I had drifted o'er seas without ending,
Under sinister grey-clouded skies
That the many-fork'd lightning is rending,
That resound with hysterical cries;
With the moans of invisible demons that out of the green waters rise.

Full text here.

No official release date has been set for Illumination. Players can pre-order the game on Steam right now.

Check out the trailer below.

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