Solforge Set 4 Imprisoned Heralds Preview: Stone Blade Reveals Two New Cards Adding To The Poison Mechanic For Addictive CCG

By Steve Buja , Updated Nov 06, 2014 02:51 PM EST

The good folks over at Stone Blade are hard at work on Imprisoned Heralds, the upcoming fourth set for their incredibly addicting F2P collectible card game SolForge. After the successful release of Secrets of Solis, we've been dying to know about any and all new cards arriving with the new set.

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Needless to say, we were excited when they let us in on two of the upcoming cards.

One of my favorite mechanics in SolForge is the Poison effect. Every turn, a creature receives damage equal to the number of counters it has on it. Simple, effective. It's fun, but it has not been fully realized. Of the hundreds of cards currently available in SolForge, only about 10 have the mechanic on there. Maybe they've just been waiting until they can really make it work.

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Anyone who has ever played against, or built a good Poison deck, knows that the counters can add up quickly. A Noxious Cloud followed by a Venomous Netherscale and your opponent is playing from behind at the start of his turn. A Dissolve can lay waste to nearly any creature who has received a Poison counter.

But there has been a lack of 'oomph' cards. Finishers. Beefy battlers that can utilize the mechanic to not just take down the opponent's creatures, but the opponent himself. Currently, the poison counters affect your adversary's creatures, why can't they help your own?

Enter Venomdrinker, the first of two sneak peeks. A 4/4 level one card, she gets +X / +X when she enters the field, where X is the total number of Poison counters on all an opponent's creatures. At level three, she starts as a 12/12. A little oomph to your deck.

SolForge is all about forming combinations. Take the Venomdrinker above and add the Lash of Demara/Demara, Herald of Affliction. The first two levels of the card are spells. A rare card, level one gives all an opponent's creatures 2 Poison counters. At level two, 4 Poison counters. However, when fully leveled up, the spell becomes a Creature. And when it enters the field, every creature an opponent controls gets 6 Poison counters.

Oh, and then you bring out your Venomdrinker and you can have a formidable duo. They play off one another perfectly.

Just toss on a Feral Instinct for the Breakthrough Mechanic, or a fully leveled Ferocious Roar and you stand a fairly good chance of simply running down your opponent quite easily.

We're glad to see yet another avenue to victory opened up to us. So, what other combinations can you see working well with these new cards? Tell us below in the comments.

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