Summer of Evil: Dark Knight Rises' Bane vs. The Avengers' Loki

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The movie industry has come out with the best Comic Book movies for the year with The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers.

"The Avengers being the first movie of its kind and The Batman films having such a strong following left over from The Dark Knight four years ago. Other things to consider is that there might not even be a debate to have," writes ComicBookMovie.

Both films have a huge fan following. With the trailer of The Dark Knight Rises released, the movie has got the title of Summer Movie everyone is dying to see according to The Washington Post.

One of the big features of any superhero film are the villains and this summer these blockbuster hits promises to deliver evil at its best.  The Avengers features actor Tom Hiddleston playing the brilliant and manipulative villain Loki.  Being the adoptive brother of Thor, one of the heroes on The Avengers squad,  Loki lusts for power and is bent on leading his army toward a global takeover.

''He's labouring under the delusion that he'll create some kind of world peace by uniting the human race in reverence of one king," said Hiddleston as he describes Loki's character.  "And it's an identity search. He's desperate. He needs to belong. He's so lacking in self esteem, that just like someone like Hitler, he needs to fill the void with adulation." 

''Well, I think it's the most fascinating part of him, particular, as a specific character. It's what distinguishes him from someone like The Joker, or any of the other characters really, is that he's walking this tightrope between virtue and vice, between all-out evil and the possibility of redemption. There is a part of him... I always think, if you hate someone, then underneath it you still love them. Because you have to love them enough to care to hate them. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference," added Hiddleston.

An equally intelligent and physically imposing villain can be found in The Dark Knight Rises.  Bane will be facing off against the caped crusader, and could possibly be the largest threat for the caped crusader.

In the comic series, Bane crippled the Batman after a brilliant scheme to weaken the hero by braking out prisoners from prison.  After exhausting himself by battling the escaped felons, Batman is ambushed by Bane. Unlike most villains, Bane is highly intelligent and desired something different than The Joker. He's a purist who is out to prove himself and search for meaning in life.

The Avengers has already swept away the overseas audience selling over $185.1 million within its first week of release. The movie is already forecast of making $400 millions in the U.S. and Canada with a $170 million in its opening weekend according to a researcher of and as reported in The Washington Post.

It seems like it's going to be a stiff neck to neck competition between director Joss Whedon and Chris Nolan's films.

The Dark Knight Rises looks forward in exceeding the $1 billion benchmark of its earlier sequel The Dark Knight which was released in 2008, which became the second highest grossing movie of all times. While, 'The Avengers' is standalone Marvel comic movie with performances from the Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.

The Dark Knight Rises is Nolan's third and final film starring Christian Bale as Batman and Tom Hardy as Bane, will be released on 20th July. The Avengers will hit theatres May 4.

Let us know which villain you think will be the baddest this summer?


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