Clash Of Clans Strategy Guide: Town Hall Nine Air Assault Is Clearly Overpowered And We Love It [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Nov 25, 2014 12:23 PM EST

There are millions of Clash of Clans players and as such, there are a million different strategies out there. Some are more effective than others.

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One of the more recent new attacks, brought to our attention from Youtuber Galadon of the Clash of Clans Attacks channel, is the 'Quatrolavaloonian'. It is your standard Lavaloonian air assault, combined with four - yes, four - Lava Hounds, the newest unit in the game. Air Golems, as I like to call them. Today, Galadon presents with his personal brand of expert commentary surrounding the Quatro attack on Town Hall 9 level villages.

Now, patience is a key to any assault in Clash of Clans, but with the QLL (which we'll use for shorthand), it is absolutely necessary. For all their power, air units can be cut down to size rather quickly in the game. The Lava Hounds themselves attract the all unwanted attention of 10 hours walking down NYC streets in about thirty seconds. Granted, things are much easier to blitz when you're not dealing with any Inferno Towers. Even so bring some support spells.

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Healing won't be great, there's just too much so the real trick is properly timing the rage spell when you're deep in the heart of enemy territory. Your units will get beaten, but not before they deal out significant property damage on your opponent. Spell timing. Placement. A critical component that can spell victory or defeat depending on how you play both.

But man, when you play it right, the QLL can be devastating. A real get in, get out and everybody gets hurt kind of deal. When deployed properly, your hero units will be relegated to clean-up detail.

Watch the attack in action below. Mind your spells and forward onto victory.

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