A $300 Star Wars Lightsaber Clone You Can't Play With

By , Updated May 07, 2012 12:33 PM EDT

Wicked lasers have come out with a new toy LaserSaber, a new and advanced lightsaber for Star War fans.  

It is a clone of Star Wars famous lightsabers that pulses with Wicked Lasers' lights using a magnetic gravity system to "power up" and "power down" the blade.

"The company has released a new $100 accessory, the LaserSaber, which attaches to the Spyder III-class green and blue lasers it already sells. The Spyder III series starts at $300, but you get a slight discount if you buy the LaserSaber and a Spyder III laser together," writes Examiner.

LaserSaber's blade is constructed from a 32" long, 1/8" walled polycarbonate tube. Made in USA, the blade is strong and durable but must be operated in a controlled environment by professionals and has been powered by highly dangerous lasers. If one has to use the blade, users would need to wear goggles at all times while operating due to its powerful lasers.

"The LaserSaber is a 32-inch polycarbonate wand fused to an aircraft-grade aluminium hilt. The wand screws directly into the company's existing Spyder 3 lasers, whose industrial design already looks suspiciously similar to that of a Star Wars lightsaber. The similarity raised the ire of Lucasfilm in 2011, but George and company quickly backed off from their trademark challenge," as said by Steve Liu, CEO of Wicked Lasers as reported in Wire.

The blade has the ability to maintain its radiance evenly with the light on and can be interchangeably attached to any Spyder 3 model. The energy that enters the blade is diffused by a built-in optical element allowing the energy to be distributed evenly through diffuser tube which has a metal sphere suspended permanently inside.

Star War fans will be lining up for the new LaserSaber, buy many may  be disappointed with the product's warning.  Despite showcasing two users actively battling one another with lightsabers, the product's promo video clearly stated that users should not "participate in any form of fencing or swordplay. Fencing or swordplay will cause serious damage to people, pets, or property."

Fans can decide if it is worth $300 for a close-as-you-can-get clone of a Star Wars lightsaber that cannot be played with. 

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