Convergence DC Event: Third Wave Of New Comics Announced For Mega Event [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Nov 26, 2014 03:55 PM EST

Convergence is the mega sized 40 comic tie-in event coming from DC Comics in 2015. The first and second batch of comics have already been revealed, which include throwbacks to the 90s era of DC with "vintage" heroes. Now the company has released the third wave of comics to be included in this epic comic event.

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Convergence will be a two-month long event built from a nine-part weekly comic book series written by Jeff King and Dan Jurgens with art by Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Sgovia and Ethan Van Sciver at its core. It will also include 40 two-part miniseries illustrated and written by various creators. The storyline is massive and centers on the villain, Telos, created from Brainiac. During the event normal storylines will be put on hold.

The idea is that Convergence will capture the core of DC comics and give fans a look into the workings of the massive universe in which supers must work together to overcome a common enemy outside of the comfort of their own stories, so to speak.

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The third batch of comics will include the Flash fighting his way through Gotham, Wonder Woman facing off against vampires, Swamp Thing handling separation anxiety, and Hawkman fighting off rat-men to name a few. Heroes will be faced with new challenges and sticky situations during Convergence that will push them to the edge and give readers new insight to the world they live in.

Convergence starts in April and will end on May 27, 2015.

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