The Avengers Strike First, 'Dark Knight Rises' May Fall to $200M Opening

By , Updated May 07, 2012 09:35 PM EDT

With the domestic release of "The Avengers," the movie has racked up about $200.3 million in its debut.

"The Avengers has just grossed a staggering $200.3-million in its domestic debut, according to studio estimates - the biggest debut ever by more than $30-million. That's such a wide margin, even the team's Hawkeye would have to admire how massively the Disney/Marvel film over-shot expectations," writes a report in The Washington Post.

The report also further said that The Avengers has already swept away the overseas audience selling over $441.5-million overseas which has now reached a total of over $641.8 million which is more than some Marvel film made in their entire runs.

"Just days after being released, The Avengers has become the fastest movie ever to earn one hundred million dollars, the fastest movie ever to earn one hundred and fifty million dollars and the fastest movie to ever earn two hundred million dollars. It also now boasts the highest grossing Saturday and Sunday in the history of the American motion picture industry," writes CinemaBlend.

The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan, is a sequel to one of the second highest grossing movies of all times the "The Dark Knight" which was released in 2008. The Dark Knight earned over $ 1billion in the worldwide ticket sales.  The question is if The Avengers will be able to cross the $ 1billion mark.

Filming The Avengers in 3D may have boosted ticket sales and could edge the Dark Knight Rises, which will appear only on IMAX without 3D.  Despite The Avengers current success, Nolan's new Batman movie will be considered a favorite to top all superhero movies this year. 

The Dark Knight Rises plans to feature over an hour of IMAX footage, Nolan's own record set by The Dark Knight. Its latest trailer give fans glimpses  of Batman's biggest threat as Gotham City goes into chaos from Bane's terrorist acts. 

With movie goers having options to choose from, The Dark Knight Rises may face stiff competition from other upcoming summer movies.  However, being a sequel to The Dark Knight, fans are already hyped to see Batman's newest villain Bane and Catwoman on the big screen.  Shots of Bane physically beating the caped crusader and discarding a broken piece of Batman's mask could have fans lining up witness the hero's  imminent doom.

The two films also feature dangerous ladies in the form of Catwoman and Black Widow.  The Dark Knight Rises features fan favorite Catwoman teaming up with the Dark Knight to take on Bane while  Black Widow deals serious damage to enemy forces in The Avengers.  Fans will be able to see actresses Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway in tight body suits pummelling villains to a pulp.  Another great draw for movie-goers.

The Avengers was released after the successful launch of The Hunger Games, which garnered $155 million in its opening weekend.  The Dark Knight Rises will be released on July 20 after movies like Ice Age: Continental Drift, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Whether The Avengers beat The Dark Knight Rises or not, the movie industry is already booming with Marvel's newest superhero flick with another big blockbuster not far behind. 


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