'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Next-Gen Game to be Like 'Assassin's Creed'

By , Updated May 09, 2012 04:45 AM EDT

Fans of the Beyond Good & Evil series will be thrilled to hear that the sequel is well in production.  Game creator Michel Ancel confirmed that the game is alive and well as a leaked screenshot revealed an in-engine image or the games environment.

The game is set to launch on next-gen consoles such as the Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox 720.  Though no console has been officially confirmed yet, fans will be looking to experience Beyond Good & Evil with improved visuals, gameplay, and soundtrack. 

"We are in an active creation stage and at this moment we are only focusing on the game and making it the best game that we can," said Ancel in an interview with Toulouse Game.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 experienced major delays after Ancel admitted that the game has been in production "for a long time" due to technical issues.

The leaked image reveals a mysterious figure standing in a deserted dirt road town.  The graphics look gorgeous and fans eagerly await to see footage of gameplay demo.  According to Ancel, the gameplay was influenced by another game title Mirror's Edge and will have a third person camera view during gameplay.

"We had this concept even before Mirror's Edge launched. And we have a different approach to the first person perspective that Mirror's Edge has. Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed are closer to what we have in mind with the control of the character in a third person perspective," said Ancel. "We use a very dynamic camera that shakes a lot during the action to add life to the camera, giving the impression of an action news cover team following Jade. Maybe that could be similar to Mirror's Edge but the game itself is very different."

Beyond Good & Evil 2 picks up from its previous title "Beyond Good & Evil" as the games' protagonist Jade uses her martial arts and reporter skills to uncover an alien conspiracy in the future year 2435.  Jade travels throughout the planet of Hillys where she battles enemies and solves puzzles in an action-stealth adventure. 

Though Beyond Good & Evil did not experience commercial success, gaming critics recognized the gameplay's potential and awarded it the Game Developers Choice Awards in 2004.  With a strong fan base and more hardware firepower in the next-gen consoles to work with, Good & Evil 2 will look towards a positive reception with its release. 


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