iPhone 5 Tackles Samsung Galaxy S3 with New Features, WWDC Launch Date Rumors

By , Updated May 09, 2012 04:45 AM EDT

With Samsung releasing its Galaxy S3, the road is cleared for Apple's iPhone 5 possible debut at WWDC, Worldwide Developers Conference, and fresh round of rumors.

Dubbed the iPhone killer, Samsung's Galaxy S3 displayed an impressive array of technical specs that outdoes the current iPhone 4S.  But the iPhone 5 is rumored to be revolutionary and may pack enough hardware to show Samsung why Apple belongs at the top of the Smartphone market.

Some new features rumored to hit the iPhone 5 includes a thinner screen that utilized in-cell touch technology.  According to Digitimes, manufacturers are reducing productions of current iPhones in order to focus on the iPhone 5. 

"The adoption of in-cell touch, which results in the touch layer becoming part of the panel rather than an independent module, will mean that touch module suppliers such as TPK and Wintek will be no longer able to receive touch module orders for the next-generation iPhone," reported Digitimes.

In addition to the new in-cell technology, Apple may be utilizing one of Samsung's new display technology.  Named YOUM by Samsung, the flexible OLED display was not included with the Galaxy 3 release.  Apple could be the first to integrate it into the iPhone 5  along with Apple's newly patented haptics system. By combining OLED display with the multi tiered haptic technology, the iPhone device can potentially have robotics and video game controller capabilities.   

"A control system of a tiered haptic system may determine the amount of pressure, force, displacement, or other physical response associated with the user stimuli. For example, a tiered haptic system may distinguish between relatively light contact and a relatively heavy contact on the screen surface. In some embodiments, a tiered haptic system may perform particular tasks depending on the physical response of the stimuli," said Apple in the patent filling.

Rumors speculate that Apple may integrate the new combination not only in its iPhone Smartphone device, but also in the next-gen iPad tablet. 

Apple's design may also gain an upper-hand after consumers criticized the Galaxy S3's cheap plastic design.  Past iPhones have used materials such as glass and metal to design a luxurious device.  The iPhone 5 will look to follow in these footsteps with possibly utilizing Gorilla Glass and Liquid Metal.  The materials from Gorilla Glass are thinner and can help slim down the iPhone body.  The liquid metal material offers both strength and form allowing the iPhone to have a tapered casing design.  Its thinner profile will also allow the iPhone 5 to structurally feature a edge to edge screen display.

"The new iPhone will indeed be longer and thinner than the iPhone 4 and 4S. Approximate measurements are 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm-a 10mm jump in height, nearly 2mm reduction in thickness, and virtually identical width," as reported in iLounge. 

The iPhone 5's official announcement is under as much speculation as the technical specs listed above.  Last year, Apple announced the iPhone 4S in an October special gathering rather than at the WWDC.  Traditionally fans have seen debuts for iPhone 3, iPhone GS, and iPhone 4 at the Developers Conference.  Apple may return back to its old ways by revealing the iPhone 5 in June at the WWDC keynote.  


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