Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Review Roundup: The Arcade Shooter's Third Entry Is Truly A Retro Evoluton

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Nov 28, 2014 05:04 PM EST

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions launched this week, bringing with it a new twist on the arcadey top-down, twin stick shooter in the form of 3D grids. The game also offers a more classic experience, but has the combination worked, and is it worth your money?

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If there's one thing reviewers agreed on, it's that your thumb will hurt from playing so much--here are some review excerpts from around the web:

Joystiq, 4/5: "It's not exactly what came before, but Geometry Wars 3 earns its name, riffing, mixing and adding enough to satiate a thirst for intoxicating shoot-em-up. The more progress-focused Adventure definitely loses some of that competitive edge in translation, and that's certainly a shame, but it still has that instant, stimulating, rip-roaring flavor that puts the shots into shoot-em-up. It's quick, hot, and even though it kills your thumbs you come back for more."

Gamespot, 8/10: "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 remains an almost-perfect example of its genre; Geometry Wars 3, in its reliance on unlockables, feels less confident in its foundation, adding embellishment where none was needed. My thumb, however, stands testament to the game's greatness, throbbing in pain as I enter the seventh consecutive hour of geometric action. Tomorrow, I will look at my swollen digit and promise myself to lay off the Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. But such are the game's absorbing attributes that I will break that promise before the day passes."

Destructoid, 10/10: "Classic Mode's inclusion might just be a nod to the mindset of Lucid Games when developingGeometry Wars 3: Dimensions -- improve as much as possible while still staying true to the core of the franchise. That old game is still there, it's just unspeakably better now. It may have been past installments in the series that were billed as evolution, but Dimensions is where Geometry Warstruly evolved."

Polygon, 8/10: "Tallying its original content on its own, Dimensions offers a very replayable, highly varied take on a too-long dormant modern classic. That new take doesn't hit quite as strong a note as its predecessors, but the presence of the modes that made Geometry Wars so beloved makes for a game that feels much more definitive, and much more worth recommending."

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