Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Spoilers: Secret Agent KGBeast to Appear in Film Working For Lex Luthor? [RUMOR]

By Donyae , Updated Dec 03, 2014 02:43 PM EST

Batman vs Superman will always be one of the greatest clashes of titans in whatever form it takes. The 2016 movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will no doubt add to the legacy. The movie isn't all world class heroes duking it out against each other. A healthy dose of villains show up to make life hard for the forces of good.

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Some of these villains have already been reported, including Doomsday and Lex Luthor. But as Badass Digest points out, for the eagle eye fan there are Easter Eggs to be had. Luthor isn't really known for his hands-on villainy, instead working through a variety of networks and big business to get the job done, keeping his dirty dealings in the dark known only to the few.

Looks like one of these henchmen will be KGBeast, AKA Anatoli Knyazev. The crushin' Russian originally premiered in 1988, back during the time when we were doing that whole Cold War thing. The character is a trained assassin that works for the KGB. His big break was the storyline "Ten Nights of The Beast", when the character came to Gotham to put ten people to bed. Permanently. The man was so ruthless and brutal that not even the Dark Knight could keep him from completing the bulk of his mission. When he finally had the KGBeast subdued, he locked him in an underground room to slowly die. Harsh, Bats.

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The movie version likely won't be such a, well, beast, but expect at least some ultra-violence. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently set to release March of 2016. 

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