God Of War, Twisted Metal Director Reveals New Arena Shooter: Drawn To Death Headed To PS4 From Sony San Diego [GAMEPLAY TRAILER]

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 07, 2014 04:30 PM EST

After working to create two of PlayStation's most iconic franchises – God of War and Twisted Metal – game designer and director David Jaffe is back under the Sony umbrella with Drawn to Death, an arena shooter that takes place in the pages of a teen's notebook.

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There's a lot to process in the new gameplay trailer from development studio The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and Sony San Diego. The first thing to notice is Drawn to Death's unique art style. The whole game is drawn as if it were a series of doodles from a bored teenager in history class. Some games advertise their hand-drawn aesthetic, but Drawn to Death actually looks like the whole thing was quickly sketched out with pencil.

The whole "teen notebook" theme also comes into play with the character and weapon design. Many battle arena games include wild characters to play as, but Drawn to Death channels its inner 14-year-old through designs like a zombie whose head opens up to reveal a missile launcher and a dragon that becomes a flamethrower after chugging a gasoline can.

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The basic game mode of Drawn to Death is a four-player, free-for-all deathmatch, and the action moves along quickly thanks to the game's overclocked movement system. A big part of play seems to be that characters have the power to jump high and dash far in order to get around stages quickly and easily. According to Jaffe, who presented Drawn to Death at PlayStation Experience, another large part of the game is going to be discovery. The developers won't be revealing every power and ability of their characters, leaving it to players to experiment and figure out all of the cool stuff that each over-the-top character is capable of once the game launches.

Drawn to Death is still in pre-alpha and doesn't have a set release window yet, but we know that it's slowly making its way toward the PlayStation 4.

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