Apology Too Late? Diablo 3 Fans Level Up, Completes, Down-Votes Game

By , Updated May 17, 2012 06:45 PM EDT

The long twelve year wait for one of the most anticipated sequels in PC gaming turned out to be a disaster as Diablo 3 users were blocked from playing the game login failures.

Diablo 3 developers, Blizzard, issued an official apology for the company's failed servers that prevented players from entering the online game.

"We've been humbled by your enthusiasm - and we sincerely regret that your crusade to bring down the Lord of Terror was thwarted not by mobs of demons, but by mortal infrastructure," came Blizzard's message to players posted in the game's community forum last night," posted Blizzard.

"As many of you are aware, technical issues occurring within hours after the game's launch led to players experiencing error messages and difficulty logging in. These issues cropped up again last night for the Americas and Europe servers. Despite very aggressive projections, our preparations for the launch of the game did not go far enough."

The login issues became just one of several complaints coming from dissatisfied Diablo fans. 

Many took to the web and posted negative reviews along with low scores for Diablo 3.  Adding fuel to the fire, gamers in Korea and China reported that the game was completed in seven hours under "normal" levels.  The news left many gamers feeling dissatisfied with the product quality Blizzard poured into the title.   Proper functionality for the Real Money Auction House is still being ironed  out as fans eagerly await experiencing the most hyped part of the game.

Players were also seeking faster ways to level up their characters as new guides were released that stated it can help players reach level 60 within a few days.

A Diablo 3 Hero actual guide has been created by Chris Hones and his gaming team. The guide includes levelling guides along with class guides for Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard.

The guide comes with a Step By Step Quest Guide in written and video format for every quest in the game and features hidden bonus and side quests as well. It shows Maps & Waypoints where players should be at any given time in the dungeons without getting lost.

 It comes with Flawless Quest Line allowing players to race through the quests with each act that is taken up, it will guide players exactly to the route that should be taken. The guide will also come with free updates as the game changes and gets updated.

"To give players a head start in one of the biggest launches this year. We all know how tough it can be to level fast and we want to give gamers a guide that they can use to shave days off their levelling time while still enjoying the game and seeing all that the game has to offer," said Chris Jones, Creator of Diablo 3 Hero.

The Diablo 3 Speed Guide has also been designed to make players level up their characters in the fastest way possible. It comes with suggestions and advices on how to dominate all the bosses, the quests, and gain insane amounts of experience, as well as the best loot. Every character comes with its own guide.

"Because there's no way you can take on 'Inferno' which is BEYOND hard as enemies there will be crawling around at a level 61....or more! Diablo 3 is a frikkin' competitive game and tough on the lower levels! And if you attempt to go in without being armed to the teeth and fully "geared up", it's a sure bet that the mobs will devour you alive!" said Jonathan Bradley Smith, author of Diablo 3 Speed Guide.

If players of Diablo 3 are ready to speed up their level, Diablo 3 Speed Guide and Diablo 3 Hero are sure guides to the gaming success.

As Blizzard works out the glitches for the game, fans may see their temperament settle and refocus on the multiple features Diablo 3 has to offer.


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