The Unsung Hero of Diablo III: Blizzard Customer Service

By John Lichman , Updated May 18, 2012 11:32 AM EDT

There's a bright light at the end of the dungeon for Diablo III buyers after all. 

Despite outperforming Max Payne 3 on Tuesday's launch, the game has been neck deep in server issues, glitches and unresponsive play that's caused a social media outcry for failing to live up to the hype promised by Blizzard.  The responses are a bit ecclectic. One gamer pulled a 12-hour speedrun by himself while another 4-player co-op widdled it down to a mere five hours. Now that the initial launch day apocalypse is over, the Blizzard servers are humming along as the speed runs and angry message board posts fall to the wayside.

But if you're still upset at Blizzard for not being prepared to deal with a few million fans, then this  post on Reddit will obsolve them. After an anxious new gamer "fell in to the excitement" to buy Diablo III online, the redditor found out he wasn't that into clicking and pointing to release magic missiles. He goes onto make the point that he regretted buying a game purely on hype, how the Internet plays it and basically it just wasn't for him

The response from Blizzard? A full refund. In fact, as their customer support rep--Game Master Lythriks--told him, "Whatever games you do choose to play, I hope you have an epic experience in the great wide world of gaming, and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything further. :)" 

It's the perfect end to a story about a company used to dealing with a wide range of die-hard fans, demons and effectively keeping a number of folks chained to their computer as they grind through multiple quests and search for passage into the most horrific whimisical secret that a gamer could ever lay eyes upon. But if you want a prime example of what not to say or do in that situation, the commenters over on Reddit have got you covered.

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