Minecraft: Pocket Edition Releases For Windows Phone 8.1, Runs Latest 0.10 Version

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 11, 2014 10:12 AM EST

In a surprise release, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now compatible with Windows Phones and available for $6.99 on the Windows Phone app store.

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The Windows Phone port of the mobile game was revealed around two months ago as the developers continued work on the recent 0.10 version of the game. The new Windows Phone game is running this latest 0.10 release of the app, hopefully meaning that the version on Windows Phone is stays updated in a timely manner alongside the more popular iOS and Android versions.

The announcement of the WIndows Phone port of Minecraft came out around the same time as the reports that Microsoft was buying Mojang, the game's developer. Several individual developers, however, took to Twitter to reassure the community that this port was not forced onto their to-do list buy their new owners and that, in fact, work on the port had started before the deal was made.

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According to developers of the Pocket Edition, the game's 0.10 update took longer than expected because they were working simultaneously on getting the entire game to run on Windows Phones. The update finally hit mobile devices a couple of weeks ago, adding new fence and gate options and making it so that baby animals will swim instead of sink in water.

The next version of the game, 0.11, is already in progress and is set to add support for custom skins into the mobile game.

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