ComiXology 12 Days Of Free Comics: 2014 Deal Kicks Off With Daily Giveaways From Digital Comic Disturber

By Donyae Coles , Updated Dec 11, 2014 02:50 PM EST

Tis the season to give, and no one is taking that more seriously than Comixology, who is holding their Third Annual 12 Days of Free Comics event. The event starts today and will offer a new free comic book every day until December 22, 2014.

Cassie Hack Returns to Kill Monsters and Take Names in New HACK/SLASH Comic

Each day, a new book will be announced from a variety of different publishers, like a digital advent calendar where instead of candy and tiny toys, you get comics. You can keep the book or gift it to someone of your choosing. Spread the love. You'll have to pop in daily to see what surprises await.

The giveaway kicks off with The Wake #1. The story is about Lee Archer, a marine biologist who finds herself in the employ of the Department of Homeland Security. She's taken to a secret oilrig hidden in the Arctic Circle where they have discovered something both terrifying and wonderful.

Wolverines #1 Follows Friends of Wolvie After Death  

"It's been an outstanding year for us at ComiXology, and we want every comic fan to help us celebrate with our Third Annual 12 Days of Free Comics," said CEO David Steinberger.  "It's you, the comics fan, that push us every day to create an even brighter future for comics, graphic novels, and manga worldwide. These comics are for you!"

Comixology has over 50k worth of comics from more than 75 publishers. They offer a wide variety of genres, styles, artists and writers. Their selection features single issues, collected volumes, and manga. Check out ComiXology for updates.

For the 12 Days of Free Comics event, the company will be releasing a free comic daily picked from their massive selection. The free comics will feature a cross section of different genres sure to please any and all comic fans.

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