Lambda Wars, The Half Life 2 Real Time Strategy Mod, Is Available On Steam For Free Today

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 15, 2014 11:04 AM EST

Let’s face it: Half Life 3 is never going to happen. But that does not mean we can’t endlessly tinker and reimagine Half Life 2 while hoping, wishing, and praying. Since 2008, Vortal Storm--a group of modders who are keeping the dream alive--have been working on a real time strategy title called Lambda Wars set in the HL2 universe. The game was approved by Steam Greenlight back in January and is available today as a free download.

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Lambda Wars is a mod of Alien Swarm, Valve’s 2010 top-down shooter. The war between the Combine and the human resistance heats up, creating a full standalone title that does not require Alien Swarm, Half Life 2 or any other Source game.

In this case, you also don't have to worry about Valve swooping in and hitting the team with trademark infringement and having the whole passion project removed. The game is fully supported by the company.

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In Lambda Wars you can take command of units, vehicles, and buildings as both Combine warlord and Resistance leader in a fast paced arena set in the world of Half Life 2. The game is primarily a multiplayer affair and supports maps of up to 8 players.

There is a small offering of single player missions for the more story-driven enthusiasts. An offline skirmish mode is included for those who need to get up to speed with their skills. No word on whether or not it is an official or canon storyline that fits within the context of the greater universe, but that's not too likely.  

Lambda Wars is the very definition of dedication. Years in the making, done with nothing but a dream and a prayer. The best part is that the game is entirely free at the moment--head on over to the official Steam page to jump in on the action.

It may be the only new Half Life content we ever get again.

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