Star Wars Imperial Assault Board Game From Fantasy Flight Released In A Galaxy Not Too Far Away

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 16, 2014 12:03 PM EST

Let’s pretend you have a nephew. Your nephew, whom we’ll call Young Timmy, just saw that Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. He’s about nine years old, but he’s jazzed because that ‘laser sword looked really cool!’ After you roll your eyes, you explain that there are only three other movies with the laser swords and after showing them to him, he wants more. Then, he finds Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Imperial Assault is out this week, and wants to play it.

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This is a bad idea. This is not Candy Land or whatever the kids are playing. This is Fantasy Flight after all, a company that prides itself on the obtuseness of its rules. Even the smallest of games still require at least one hour of set up. I may be slightly exaggerating, but it’s not entirely untrue.

Imperial Assault is modest in terms of Fantasy Flight offerings. The game features two game modes, neither of which are really appropriate for Young Timmy: campaign and skirmish. In the campaign mode, up to four players become leaders of the Rebellion and attempt to overthrow a single, but extremely powerful Imperial player. Hence the ‘Assault’ part. The “cinematic” missions change each time, you could be infiltrating bases, fending off an assault or engaged in gritty one on one combat between units. During the course of a campaign, players will level up their heroes, unlocking new skills and abilities to better aid them in their mission.

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The Skirmish mode is where the real action is. Two players go head to head in a pitched battle to both eliminate the enemy units and achieve victory points.

Each unit in the game is allowed two actions, to move, fight, defend or otherwise. The miniatures themselves will look good alongside the hundreds of other Fantasy Flight figurines you’ve collected over the years (especially with their other Star Wars titltes).

As a bonus, the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and the Darth Vader Villain Pack will be available with the Imperial Assault core set. The packs add new cards, plus the figures for the father/son team-up. The two packs are the first of seven planned additions to the game.

Imperial Assault is out now at game retailers and online stores. You can pick it up at Amazon for a little more than $80 bucks. More than any other game company, Fantasy Flight games are worth it for the sheer amount of bits and pieces that come with each title.

Young Timmy is both intimidated and excited to play. We are, too.

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