“Hunger Games” video game: Bad Idea?

By Althea Benloss , Updated May 21, 2012 01:57 PM EDT

"The Hunger Games," a young adult novel by Suzanne Collins, eventually becoming a record-breaking science fiction action film, received so many enthusiasts and raked in $155 million during the movie's opening weekend. Lionsgate is looking to make the renowned book/movie into a video game, but considering the plot, there will have to be a balancing act between the graphic fight scenes portrayed in the series, and its PG-13 audience.

"Kids killing kids" is how this movie was often described, as it illustrates the annual Hunger Games where children fight to the death. 24 children enter the Games and only one can survive. So, how would parents feel about purchasing this kind of game for their own child? Besides, wouldn't their own kid feel a little odd about murdering a child their own age or younger? Even if the gamer doesn't mind, it sounds like a rated M rating to me.

This film, rated PG-13, was definitely tactful in depicting these deaths, so the viewers were left using their imagination. Despite this, controversy swarmed the movie nonetheless and thoughts of a possible upcoming game. Modern-Warfare-with-kids is, most likely, the ideal perception of what this game could become.

Games based on movies, are created quite frequently, but often with a lot of criticism. Movie based video games such as "Harry Potter," for example, may not have been as successful as the movie, yet 40 million copies were sold nonetheless.
A date has not yet been set for a "Hunger Games" game, but for parents and critics out there, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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