DmC:Devil May Cry Gets Launched into 2013

By John Lichman , Updated May 22, 2012 09:43 AM EDT

Dante is going to outlast the end of the world if Capcom has anything to say about it. A hard January 16, 2013 has been set for the Son of Sparta and unleashed on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with a PC version in development for later next year.

The reboot to the franchise spearheaded by Ninja Theory, known best for updating "Ninja Gaiden" into the hardest game ever, has dealt with a lot of criticism ranging from de-aging Dante to the action slow-down that's ripping a few chapters away from "The Matrix." Much of the gameplay remains a mystery until post-e3 when outlets will get their hands on the demo for the first time outside of Ninja Theory's secret lair of masochism, presumbly using the same formula when it game the the "Ninja Gaiden" trilogy.

The plot roughly follows an "alternate reality" where a young Dante deals with the demonic presence infesting Limbo City. IGN had the intiial introduction to the new plot, "Foremost among them is the setting: the way that the demon world warps and changes around Dante is very cool indeed. The demon realm, Limbo, is a twisted, aggressive version of our own world that actively attempts to pursue and destroy Dante as you play. The streets themselves twist and warp all the time: cars roll backwards down buckling tarmac, alleyways suddenly close themselves off, fissures open up in the roads and your path can change or disappear completely at any moment."

From all visual ticks, "DmC" looks like a spry, acrobatic whirling dervish that'll showcase the frentic action Ninja Theory are known for unleashing. For example, newly introduced character Kat that "a runaway who joined The Order. She has the ability to see the demon realm, but is not able to interact with it. As the right hand of The Order's leader, she'll be helping Dante on his mission through Limbo. Her primary mission is to gather intelligence on Limbo, which may cause some conflicts of interest and problems with Dante," according to Nerd Reactor.

e3 will give us a better idea for what to expect in 2013.

via Game Informer

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