Halo The Master Chief Collection Adds Dedicated Combat Evolved Playlist Following Game-Specific Improvements

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 17, 2014 04:47 PM EST

343 Industries has continued its updates to the troubled Halo: The Master Chief Collection, making a small change today that should make many fans happy.

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Matchmaking now offers a dedicated Halo: Combat Evolved playlist, allowing you to only play gametypes and maps from the series' first game. This was change was held until improvements were made to how the game plays online--the last update to The Master Chief Collectio included these changes.

Hit registration was improved, making the game play more accurately and feel more satisfying during matchmaking. Given that Halo: CE now plays more like it's meant to, this is the best time to launch a searchable playlist that exclusively includes its gametypes. The playlist is currently 3v3 to speed up matchmaking, but will be switched to the preferred 2v2 soon.

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Previously, the title was only included in playlists that mixed Halo 2 and Halo 3 maps and gametypes, making Halo: CE matches less frequent. You can always jump into a Halo: CE custom game, but few people always have enough friends online to support competitive matches.

Matchmaking can now scratch that Halo: CE itch consistently--hopefully the searching system improves to make playing even smoother. The Master Chief Collection is certainly better than it was at launch, but there are still frustrating bugs and odd behavior that makes playing online more difficult than it needs to be. Now, if you have no issue finding matches, get out there and use that absurdly powerful pistol on random internet strangers.

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