Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - Sorcery Out on PS3 Today

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 22, 2012 11:15 AM EDT

Eye of PlayStation, and toe of frog, one Move controller, and paw of dog. That's all that's needed for players to take on the role of sorcerer apprentice Finn, and must become a master of magic to save his home (you can ask for the paw and toes on the side if you like). Included in Finn's magical armament are the powers of ice, fire, and lightning. Finn can call down a storm from the heavens, reduce enemies to ash with a firestorm, or freeze them solid in a block of ice.

While a bit late, Sorcery seems like its hoping to ride the coattails of one Mr. Potter. Players will use the PlayStation Move controller as a magic wand so cast spells and brew elixirs. The casting system allows for wizards in training to chain together the most basic of spells into powerful combinations. Like any good action adventure game, players can also collect items, learn new skills, and explore new realms. Based on Irish mythology, Sorcery will see Finn battling screeching banshees in the Kingdom of the Dead and Endless Stair, and learn more than a dozen upgradable spells in order to defeat the Nightmare Queen.

Expect a lot of interactivity, because Sony has based the entire design of the game around the PlayStation Move, according to Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing. "Built from the ground up with PlayStation Move in mind from the beginning, Sorcery takes full advantage of our motion controller's precision to provide a compelling gaming experience that is sure to capture the imaginations of players of all ages."

Check the trailer below.

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