Apple Raises $20 Million For Product Red Thanks To iOS Event That Included Apps Like Clash Of Clans, Angry Birds And Monument Valley

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 18, 2014 05:13 PM EST

Remember those couple of weeks not too long ago where all of your favorite apps were updated with red icons? As it turns out, that little Apps for (RED) event from Apple helped raise more than $20 million dollars toward fighting AIDS in Africa.

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The folks at iClarified obtained a letter that Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out to Apple's employees to celebrate everything Apple has done in 2014, from buying Beats to trouncing sales records with the iPhone 6 to pulling back the curtain on the Apple Watch. One of the points he makes, though, is that Apple raised more than $20 million for Product Red, a charity that tries to curb HIV and AIDS in Africa, in just this past quarter.

Two events helped Apple raise so much money for Product Red in just three months. First is the fact that Apple promised a certain percentage of its Black Friday and Cyber Monday profits to the charity, which undoubtedly contributed a handsome chunk of change to the cause. The second event, though, was Apple's partnership with many of its most popular apps. Called Apps for (RED), this event saw popular games like Clash of Clans, Monument Valley, Puzzle and Dragons, Threes and Angry Birds change their icons to a red design for a while in support of Apple's cause.

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Many of these games also offered special in-game products whose profits were earmarked for Product Red support. The developers behind Monument Valley created an entirely new level that players could buy, while Puzzle and Dragons offered a special Magic Stone in the in-game store. With so many uber-popular apps working together, all of those 99 cent purchases combined to make up millions of dollars of money that went to help the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Cook also announced in the letter that this recent quarter's donation brings the total amount of Apple's support of Product Red to around $100 million.

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