Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Hits Android And Amazon Fire Devices, iOS Version Updated With Controller Support

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 21, 2014 07:46 PM EST

Huang Lee's adventures through Liberty City are now available to Android and Kindle Fire users alike, as Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars hits Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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Originally a game for Nintendo DS and the PSP, Chinatown Wars became the first Grand Theft Auto game to reach iOS devices in 2010. Now, almost five years later, players with other brands of mobile devices can get in on the spin-off.

There's good news for iOS players, too. With the new 4.1 update, Chinatown Wars for iOS has been updated to include full support for Retina Display resolution, customizable touchscreen controls and even compatibility with MFi controllers, giving mobile users the chance to get more of an original Grand Theft Auto console experience. The new Android port of the game includes support for Bluetooth and USB controllers, as well.

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Instead of the over-the-shoulder kind of perspective most current Grand Theft Auto players are probably used to, Chinatown Wars utilizes a dynamic, top-down camera, making the game look more like the original Grand Theft Auto. The cel-shaded art style stands out among other titles in the series and gives Chinatown Wars more of a comic book kind of feel.

Chinatown Wars offers players the same basic experience that has defined the franchise for years: Steal any car that catches your eye then try to avoid the long arm of the law, all while playing through a central story based on your character's progression through a crime syndicate. Unlike other games in the series, though, Chinatown Wars actually encourages you to destroy police cars. It's the only way to lower your wanted level. Players can also try their hand at some shady, underworld economics with the game's drug-dealing side content.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is now available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

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