World Of Tanks Update 9.5 Introduces Several New British Tanks, New Winter Maps And A New Mission Mode; Patch Live Today [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 22, 2014 08:46 AM EST

Wargaming has let slip the British dogs of war in World of Tanks with update 9.5 for its North American and Europe players. Tankers in Asia and Korea can experience all the stiff-upper-lip-ness come December 23 and 30, respectively.

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The new update adds a wealth of new British artillery including their much feared and loved line of British tank destroyers. Because when you’re on the defensive for the majority of a war, you learn quick how best to reduce your opponent to cinders. Players at Tier 5 and above can hop the very distinct Archer with its backward facing gun, the powerful and agile Charioteer, and the FV4005 Stage II.

Additionally, the British tech tree receives 3 new Medium vehicles including the iconic and highly anticipated Sherman Firefly, Sherman II and Grant, along with 2 Light Tanks, the M2 and Stuart I-IV.

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The new patch also adds three new maps: the ruined settlement of Mittengard, the desolate Ghost Town and the snow-covered Winterberg (a snowier version of the equally depressing sounding Ruinberg). All of which sound like the best places to travel to this holiday season with your loved ones.

Alongside the update, on January 15 players can engage in Personal Missions. This new mode allows tankers to pick and choose the missions they want to accomplish - unlike the current Mission structure. “Upon completion of these missions, players will receive a variety of great rewards including unique high-tier vehicles, medals and female crew members.”

Ooh, a lady.

The in-game mini-map has gotten a massive revamp, allowing players great understanding of the battlefield in front of them. You can now see which direction your camera is pointed (all the better to spot you), your sector of fire - which shows off your max range and a new ‘last seen’ indicator which will clue you into enemies who have moved out of visible range.

The update is live for World of Tanks right now. Go get it, and be sure to be home in time for tea.

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