"Chronicle" Director Will Bring "Shadow of the Colossus" To Theaters

By John Lichman , Updated May 24, 2012 10:15 AM EDT

The turnaround for unlikely video games-to-film is getting faster with the news that "Shadows of the Colossus" has a director.

Josh Trank, who helmed the sleeper hit "Chronicle," is tasked to bring Konami's "Shadow of Colossus" to theaters according to Deadline. The prequel to "ICO" involves a man named Wander that attempts to bring back his dead loved one by slaughtering gigantic creatures that inhabit the land, sky and water. 

"Colossus" is regarded as a masterpiece from the Playstation 2 era, mainly for the scope and design of the plot which is fairly straight forward (slaughter the skyscraper size creatures, revive your dead lover). How Trank will bring it to the screen remains to be seen, but we'll be eagerly waiting to see a feature length epic as long as there's promsie of an "Ico" sequel.

via Game Informer

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