Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Scum And Villainy Preview: The M3A Offers Enormous Customization Options For Whatever Role You Need

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 29, 2014 01:33 PM EST

Fantasy Flight Games is not even hiding the fact that it really wants all of your Christmas money. The prolific board game company has released another sneak peek of an upcoming Star Wars X-Wing miniature.

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Coming to the Scum and Villainy faction, the M3-A “Scyk” interceptor is a favorite of the Hutt cartels. The ship is even named after a lizard native to Tatooine, the homebase of several members of the Hutts. The ship is described as an “agile, but lightly armored, starship with two attack, three agility, two hull, and one shield. Piloted by a Cartel Spacer, the cheapest of these Scyk interceptors costs you only fourteen squad points.”

A fine addition to any fleet that is in need of some cannon fodder, but one of the most appealing aspects to both players (and galactic smugglers) is the ability to upgrade the ship to a Heavy Scyk for a mere two squad points. The upgrade adds either missile, torpedo or cannon attachments at no movement penalty or anything. Play it right, and your Heavy Scyk can be going toe to toe against far superior ships, dodging and weaving out of the way while laying down a strong and devastating attack of its own.

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Since we are dealing with various Scum and/or Villainy, the only thing more important than profits is making it out alive. The M3-A may lack for flash, but its upgrade capabilities are all designed around surviving as long as possible “with no more combined hull and shielding than a TIE/ln.” The upgrades and pilot abilities help make it a worthwhile, if somewhat selfish, addition.

The Scyks made up the bulk of the Hutt fleet during their heyday. The sheer amount of customization allowed for a very diverse and job-appropriate approach to the less savory affairs of galactic commerce. The M3-A can fit well within any configuration you may need.

The Scum and Villainy faction is not out yet, but soon. Very soon.

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