World of Tanks Winter Showdown Update Brings 8-Bit Warfare With New Vehicles And Arena To Celebrate 2015 [TRAILER]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Dec 30, 2014 09:52 AM EST

Wargaming has today announced a brand new combat mode for their absurdly popular F2P title World of Tanks. Winter Showdown is an "8-bit" mode that offers three blocky new vehicles, a new battle arena, and a new medal that will be given out to the best of the best.

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The new Winter Showdown combat mode can be played with three exclusive tanks: the Mammoth heavy tank, the Polar Bear Tank Destroyer, and the Arctic Fox light tank. The names give you an idea of what to expect- the Mammoth is all about close-quarters combat, the Polar Bear is a sniper vehicle, and the Arctic Fox is fast and made for Scouts. Along with these vehicles there are special Gold rounds that can be used both to destroy opponents and heal teammates.

You'll be able to try out these three new vehicles in an original battle arena that also offers mega platoons that can handle 5 players instead of 3. Matches can handle 2 mega platoons vs. 2 mega platoons or simply 10 vs. 10 matches. Be the best that you can be and you can earn a new medal called Operation Winter.

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Gotta love the style, don't you? The arena is perfectly suited to the theme, full of giant blocks that can be blasted away, offering limited cover options for both teams. 

The Winter Showdown will launch on January 26 in North America, Europe, and Asia, although Korea gets it before anyone, on January 15.

Check out the trailer below!

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