DC Comics News And Rumors: 14 Cancelled Comics May Lead To New, More Experimental Books [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Dec 31, 2014 01:07 PM EST

DC announced that it was canceling 14 full titles at the end of March. It will be lights out for a variety of books ahead of the start of Convergence, the DC comics mega event. This cancellation could be heralding new beginning for the company.

DC Cancels 14 Titles Ahead Of Massive Convergence Event

14 books is a lot to be cancelled at once but the end of some of those titles opens up a lot of empty slots. News-a-Rama pointed out that because some of these were weekly series, although only 14 books were cancelled, there are actually 25 open slots now.

That's a lot of space for new comics.

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The reason for this massive culling could be one of two possible things. We know that Convergence will be shaking up the DC universe and some pre-52 heroes and books may find their way into the new reality.

The other possibility is that this will be a way for the company to drop the number of comics they ship. They're already shipping a good deal more than Marvel and as some of the recent cancellations were due to poor sales, it's fair to say the company may not be seeing returns on their current massive lineup.

The cancellation and Convergence may be the first step to a more streamlined and focused DC Universe.

It is also entirely possible that with a smaller line up we'll see the company start to take more chances with the comics they do put out, which could mean more experimental and risky books for readers.

In short, do not mourn the passing of those 14 titles. Be happy they lived at all and look forward to what the company has in store for its readers in the coming year.

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