Ant Man Trailer Will Debut Tuesday During Agent Carter; Second Age Of Ultron Trailer The Following Saturday [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 02, 2015 02:46 PM EST

Much of the Marvel hype for this year is (rightfully) taken up by Age of Ultron, but we must remember that the second outing of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional supergroup is not the only film coming out this year. We still have Ant-Man coming later this summer.

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It is easy to brush aside the Paul Rudd-led title. The film had a terrible time at finding a director and there were numerous script battles between original helmer Edgar Wright and the studio. After such a Pixarian run of successful films (and the marketing hype), the whole internet was somewhat down on the project.

All without having seen any footage. That will change this Tuesday, as the first trailer for the film will be released during the debut of Agent Carter, ABC’s six part series revolving around the founding member of SHIELD. In what is a fun little joke, Marvel has released a…ant-ish? sized teaser of the teaser, in a very self-aware move because teaser of teasers are, by nature, ridiculous. The image is so small, you may as well be not watching anything (though I am sure an intrepid internet user will decipher the footage in no time).

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Ant-Man will conclude Phase 2 of the Marvel films when it hits theaters on July 17.

Before the incredible shrinking Rudd appears, we have Avengers Two to contend with. The teaser trailer for the film released back in October and very nearly broke the internet. Marvel hopes lightning will strike twice when it debuts a new trailer on January 12 at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN during the College Football Playoffs. This will mark the first time in history I will even vaguely maybe sorta even kinda want to I don’t know watch college football.

But, chances are it will release a week early and even if it doesn’t, it will be up two minutes after its television debut.

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