CES 2015 Preview: What To Expect From This Year's Show, Including Self-Driving Cars And Bigger, Better Displays

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 05, 2015 10:10 AM EST

CES 2015 is here, kicking off the year in technology with a veritable buffet of new gadgets, concepts, and products from the biggest tech companies from around the globe. Some reveals have already begun, but the event will kick off in earnest today. What can you expect to see from Las Vegas this year? We've got you covered:

More Wearables

Especially in the face of Apple revealing its own smartwatch last year, hype for wearable technology is at an all-time high. Android devices have been testing the market more aggressively over the last few years, with products from LG, Motorola (shout out to the especially attractive Moto 360), and Samsung.

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All of that said, none of the available smartwatches have really nailed the concept yet, making the technology both exciting and disappointing thus far. Apple's attempt is not yet available, and Google will likely give its own platform to the next iteration of Android Wear, but be on the lookout for new models from other companies that attempt to differentiate themselves. It's more likely we'll see some non-smartwatch wearable tech, including increasingly popular virtual reality headsets. Whether it's smartwatches or other all-in-one devices, you'll no doubt see plenty of wearable--just don't expect a revolution.

A Bounty Of New Smart Car Technology, Self-Driving Cars

From automobiles that drive themselves to integrated software meant to enhance your trips, automakers are flocking to CES to show off their wares. Bloomberg quoted industry analyst Mark Boyadjis as saying that the show has become a "major launch point" for manufacturers to show their tech on a global stage, and he's absolutely right: 10 automakers are attending, each with a handful of tech-centric vehicles to display.

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Furthermore (and combining wearables with automobiles), Hyundai is using Android Wear to allow your smartwatch to control your car as reported by The Verge. This was revealed just last night, as were Nvidia's plans to reinvent car automation. Prepare for the great self-driving car push.

Ultra High Resolution And Curved Displays

Display technology is always in vogue, and we may be entering its biggest golden age since the rise of HD TVs. 3D tech distracted the industry for a few years, but it's become all about the resolution once again. The popularity of 4K TVs and curved displays makes CES the perfect proving grounds for companies dying to show off their new toys, and we've already seen some high-end products such as HP's curved and 5K displays (via Engadget). It's impossible to say how many new displays, TVs, and monitors we'll see, but be prepared for reveals from every major player.

Tablets, But Not Many Smartphones

The prices of tablets has been steadily falling, with relatively cheap devices able to complete a growing variety of tasks. Expect to see more affordable options, as well as tablets that specialize in specific roles (smart home controls, personal TVs, etc). Smartphones, on the other hand, won't likely play a major part in CES 2015--the big guns have, generally speaking, revealed or released their immediate plans. Google and Apple usually prefer to hold their own events for such announcements, as does Samsung--though its keynote (set for 2 p.m. PST) may have a surprise or two.

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