New Baldur's Gate Game In Development From Beamdog, Will Utilize Original Infinity Engine

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 09, 2015 10:38 AM EST

The Baldur's Gate series is one of the great examples of Dungeons and Dragons done right. The now defunct Black Isle Studios, along with Bioware, made a classic franchise that endures to this day, with both entries in the series having been recently ported to mobile devices. But that is not the end of the story.

A Princess Bride Game? Inconceivable!

Beamdog, the company responsible for the mobile versions, has revealed in their recent blog post that their long-rumored Adventure Y will utilize the Infinity engine, which ran the original Baldur's Gate, and that it will bridge the gap between the original and Baldur's Gate II. So, it's not exactly 'BG 3' but it is a new entry into the series. They do mention that they have interest in utilizing the recent D&D 5th Edition as a possible source of inspiration for Baldur's Gate III, should that ever come to pass.

The official post - called a Beamblog, which is just amazing - states that "We have an exciting release planned for this game, something bigger than we've ever done before. If you're looking for more information on Adventure Y."

2015's Official Game Release Schedule

The company recently "leaked" several screens onto the forums and they show off something that is definitely Baldur's Gate-esque. Needless to say, we're very excited by the prospect of another trip to the Sword Coast of Faerun.

Beamdog aslo drops some interesting tidbits about other upcoming projects. "By late summer we should be ready to talk about our next project after Adventure Y. "Adventure Z" sounds boring, so let's call it Project: Beartrap. Right now all we can say about Project: Beartrap is that it exists and it's a departure for us in terms of what we've done in the past. Also, the project might involve sharks. Maybe we should call it Project: Sharktrap? Either way, we're looking forward to giving you more details mid-year."

I'm a big proponent of doing away with Shark Week and instead calling it Bear Week, so I heartily approve that they not only keep the development name 'Beartrap', but also release the full version of the game under that title, as well.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition are now available on mobile devices.

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