Disney Infinity 2.0 Adds New Villains And Outlaws DLC Pack, Because Everybody Loves The Bad Guy [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 13, 2015 01:21 PM EST

Gamers bored of playing those goody-two-shoes heroes like Spider-man can get a break from the weight of all that responsibility and suit up with the new villains pack from Disney Infinity 2.0.

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Three of Marvel's biggest outlaws and bad guys are available today. Players can take control of Spider-man villain Green Goblin, and their new favorite antagonists Yondu and Ronan the Accuser from last summer's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Let's be honest, it's just more fun to the be bad guy. Yes, your end is often grisly and a long time coming, but look at all the fun you get to have in the meantime. Do you think Tony Stark would make an arrow that is commanded by a whistle? Well, he might, actually, but he'd only use it for good. I'd have that thing to aerate my lawn at the very least.

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The Green Goblin - real name Norman Osborne - comes armed with his iconic Pumpkin Bombs and vanquishes his foes with his..."shocking" Electro Gauntlet in both Marvel's Spider-Man Play Set and the Toy Box (2.0 Edition).

Ronan, meanwhile, is set out to become the strongest villain in the galaxy. A feat he achieved for about five minutes towards the end of Guardians. You can find him in the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set and the Toy Box (2.0 Edition)

Yondu is also featured in the Guardians Play Set and the Toy Box (2.0 Edition) and he uses his craft, guile and that kick-ass arrow to take his enemies down. And take the loot afterwards.

So, who else do you hope to see come to the Disney Infinity play set? Tell us below in the comments!

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