Gundam Fever Attack Prank Is Hysterical: Surprised Office Workers Get Visit From Giant Mobile Suit [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 16, 2015 03:53 PM EST

Nobody pranks like Japan does. They're all in on their jokes. This newest video "The Attack of ZAKU II in Tokyo" is no exception. If you've ever wondered what Japan would really do in the case of a real Gundam attack, this video answers your questions.

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The video starts off with the setting up of the prank. Workmen come and change out the windows in the office building. All while the workers are busy with their daily tasks. Just a normal day. Getting new windows. No big.

Things get weird when the sun sets as suddenly instead of the city skyline there's a giant robot staring at them.

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Anime and television would lead you to believe that this is a normal occurrence in Japan but in reality, it is most definitely not.

To the workers' credit, they handled things very well. When a giant robotic hand shows up on your window, I would expect more running and screaming. Instead they sort of held it together, even when the smoke from its robotic exhaust filled the room. It is also possible that they are all Gundam fans and recognized the Mobile Suit.

The prank was put on by a group identified as Gundam Fever Project. The description says "This surprise on only a prologue. Gundam Fever begins."

Sounds like we'll be getting more hapless citizens surprised by giant Mobile Suits. I'm totally ok with this.

Check out the video below.

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