Final Fantasy XIV Update 2.5 Patch Notes: What Isn't Being Modified In 'Before The Fall' Update?

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 19, 2015 10:38 AM EST

Square Enix released the preliminary notes for the upcoming patch 2.5 'Before the Fall', the thee part update that will be hitting Final Fantasy XIV very soon.

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The notes are preliminary only, so they are subject to change. The entirety of the list is far too long to get into here, so we'll hit upon the highlights. Before the Fall will lay the groundwork for the game's first expansion, Heavensward, due to arrive in the Spring of this year. Due to the size and nature of the patch, Square will be rolling it out in three parts, about one each month so that servers can deal with the mass of changes. Not a terrible idea, considering the gamebreaking that can often occur when a major patch drops in an MMO.

Some of the most anticipated new content are the dungeons being added to the game. Before the Fall is introducing one brand new dungeon and two hard level elite versions of existing raids. The Keeper of the Lake, a new four player dungeon requiring an item level of at least 90. Players need to complete the quest chain Best Laid Schemes in order to access the dungeon at The Rising Stones.

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Amdapor Keep, Hard mode, will up the difficulty significantly, as will The Wanderer's Palace. Players must complete The Ultimate Weapon questline and have cleared out each of the normal mode dungeons in order to access the new content.

Several new eight-player Trials are also coming in the patch. Uruth's Fount and Battle in the Big Keep require players to have at least a 95 item level and be a Disciple of War or Magic, level 50. A third Trial has had its name redacted to prevent spoilers.

The list goes on and on and on. New aesthetic choices, new command keys, housing updates, you name it, it's probably been tweaked a little. Read the full preliminary patch notes here.

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