Bust-A-Move Islands: Retro Match Three Game Gets Makeover For iOS And Android Systems [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 21, 2015 10:00 AM EST

The classic match three bubble popping game is making a comeback in Bust-a-Move Islands for iOS and Android. Check out dragons Bub and Bob in their new adventure. It's just like the addictive candy colored world you remember from your arcade days.

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Bust-a-Move is a match three game. Players shoot bubbles at other bubbles of the same color and they explode. Not that it needed one, but the premise of this game is that an evil wizard has turned Bub and Bob, the bubble popping heroes, into dragons and they must pop their way to the evil wizard to have the curse reversed.

That sounds like the opposite of a problem, but OK.

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The new game, put out by gumi Inc, includes over 200 candy colored stages of bubble popping adventure. There are also unique bubbles to pop such as the Bomb Bubble Boosts and Super Bubble as well as less friendly bubbles like the Skull Bubble and Snake Bubble.

Strong bubble theme here.

Unlike your arcade days, you can play with your friends anywhere in the world and compete for the high score spot. Or you can send them hearts to help them survive a difficult level. Because Bub and Bob may be dragons but they're about the love.

Bust-a-Move sometimes called Puzzle Bobble came out in the long ago time of 1994 for the arcade. It's had varies sequels but they all follow much the same pattern. Essentially, it's a match three game that challenges players to take aim at fire at floating bubbles. Once the board is clear, you move on to the next.

You can download Bust-a-Move Islands in the Google Play or App Store.

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