Star Wars Vs Marvel And DC? Fan Trailer Imagines Epic Crossover Battle [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 22, 2015 09:00 AM EST

A new viral mash-up trailer has hit the internet. After we saw what a Marvel vs DC movie would look like (amazing, please make that) now fans can see a vision of what Marvel vs DC vs Star Wars would be.

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It can really all be summed up in four words: Batman with a lightsaber.

Hold that image in your mind. It's amazing right?

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Never mind the crazy reality smashing dimension magic that would have to take place in order for something like this to come close to being a reality. What singularity would cause this? I have no idea but it doesn't matter because, Batman with a lightsaber.

From the trailer, it would appear that the Dark Side started this war with the heroes of the DC and Marvel universe. They identified a threat and set out to destroy it. I could see that happening.

The Star Wars footage is mostly from the original trilogy but there's no Rebel Alliance. Maybe it's a universe where evil wins. Possibly because good is dumb.

In any case, the threat of the Empire is enough to make Marvel and DC stop their bickering and team up to protect the Earth from being destroyed. Although, it's unlikely the Empire would destroy the planet. Just the heroes. The Empire would rule the planet afterwards.

That's why they're the Empire. It's sort of their thing.

You can watch the video below and learn how super heroes would take on the Sith Lords.

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