Goat Simulator iOS & Android Versions Get Massive 1.1 Update: New City Map Comes With Amusement Park To Lick [SCREENS]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jan 22, 2015 09:06 AM EST

Coffee Stain Studios has released the first massive (free!) update for Goat Simulator's iOS and Android versions, which adds a new map to the game called Goat Bay City.

Goat City Bay comes with "hyper realistic water physics", which let you bob along in the murky blue, as well as a giant amusement park across said water that contains a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and bouncy castle, allowing you to rise to new heights and lick all sorts of dangerous objects.

There's a big city to explore and lots of new achievements to unlock, as well as a number of goat trophies. Helicopters circle the city, there are "pigs that are stuck", and the game still manages to offer the finest in mobile goat simulation.

There are no doubt a billion secrets to find- I stumbled across a dance party happening around a cement mixer that was shooting out flames in the middle of the alley- and there are multiple new goats to unlock, including Rocket Skate Goat, Giant Goat, Hitchhiker Goat, Tornado Goat, and Robot Goat- so get looking!

In a press release they note that the mobile version of Goat Simulator recently reached 1.5 million sales in total, meaning that it's sold even more than the PC version. Coffee Stain Studios has been adamant in the past that they will offer all updates for their goofy title for free, with no paid DLC.

It's amazing and always inspiring to see this level of support from a studio. Can't wait to see what else they keep adding to the mobile version!

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