Attack On Titan News: New Trailer For ‘No Regrets’ Spinoff Released [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 22, 2015 11:02 AM EST

Fans who are following the spinoff material for Attack on Titan have a new treat. A new trailer has been released for Attack on Titan: No Regrets.

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No Regrets follows Levi in the time before Eren and the gang all showed up. It shows how he came to join the Survey Corps and gives information about his much hinted at back story. Something that is never given time to discuss in the main anime because in the Attack on Titan world, it doesn't matter what you used to do, it only matters what you're doing.

The promo shows Erwin Smith making a deal with Levi. Mainly that they'll forgive his past transgressions if he joins the squad.

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Really that should be the punishment for all criminals. You've murdered someone? Congratulations, you're now part of the Survey Corps! It's pretty much a death sentence anyway. Unless you're really good and even then it's still a death sentence. Just a slightly longer stay of execution.

The new anime will be the last part of the spinoff and will finally answer all the questions regarding the fiery origins of both Levi and Erwin showing viewers how they became the men they are when we meet them.

The new anime comes bundled with the manga. The first came out on December 9 and the second installment is due to be released on April 9 from Kodansha Comics for North America, according to Anime News Network.

So if you haven't caught up on the manga, now is the time. Watch the trailer below.

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