Attack On Titan News: MapleStory Is Invaded By Titans In Crossover Event

By Donyae , Updated Jan 26, 2015 11:01 AM EST

Attack on Titan is like the cranberries of the geek world- it goes with everything. It is currently having a stay at a theme park, a crossover with Marvel comics and now, it is being featured in the popular game, MapleStory.

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Players of the game can sign up with the Cadet Corps (you've got to start at the bottom, sorry) to help fight off the Titans that will be invading the game world. Even in the cutesy graphics of MapleStory, titans are still nightmare fuel.

The Attack on Titan gameplay isn't for noobs though. You have to be level 30 or above to pass through the gateway to the new content. That should tell you a little something about what you're likely to face.

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Hint: Horror and despair. It's sort of their thing.

The event requires the use of special coins. Your goal here is to survive the titan invasion and sign up to be a Cadet. Once you've made it to the Corps you will train with Eren, Mikasa, and Annie. You'll have to master the omni-directional gear so that you can compete in the minigames. You will also have to defend the wall from attack. Good luck, Cadet!

It's not all gloom and doom though, there's special items that are exclusive to the event. Some are accessories while others allow you to take on the style of the Attack on Titan crew.

The special Attack on Titan event through MapleStory is currently open. You can get more information on MapleStory's website.


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