Orange Is The New Black Season 3 News: Vee Not Dead? New Interview May Point To Return Of The Villain [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 26, 2015 01:09 PM EST

Orange is the New Black isn't returning until the summer but there are a lot of questions about what will happen in the upcoming season. One thing that appeared to be confirmed was Vee's death. Lorraine Toussaint, the actress that plays the villainous character may have debunked that.

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In an interview with People, the star was asked if Vee was dead and she did say that Vee was dead but when asked if the criminal mastermind stayed in the grave, the actress was less forthcoming.

"That's a metaphysical question. That's a very big question that involves the nature of the Universe and God and I'm not sure, we don't have enough time to cover for that," Toussaint said.

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Now that could have been the actress poking fun at the reporter however, we didn't actually see her body. She's into so many things, it's possible that she was able to somehow play up her own death and sneak away.

The synopsis for the coming season states that the inmates are reeling from Vee's death which points pretty heavily to the character being six feet under. The actress did film scenes for the upcoming season but the theory is that these are for flashbacks.

But on the other hand, these women are in prison and only know what they've been told. There's still a chance that she's outside somewhere, causing trouble and still looking for revenge on the women who betrayed her.

A new threat from outside would be an interesting twist on the series. You can check out the video below.

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