The Walking Dead Season 5 News: New Synopsis for Episode 9 Reveals Future Of Group

By Donyae , Updated Jan 26, 2015 01:59 PM EST

The synopsis for The Walking Dead episode 509 has been released and it gives some hints as to how things are going to work out for the gang after the tragic events of the first half of season five.

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"After all the recent trials the group has faced, a slight detour might prove to be the solution they've been looking for," reads the synopsis released by The title of the episode is "What Happened and What's Going On."

This short synopsis points to a new direction for the group, both figuratively and literally.

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Obviously, they're going to turn away from the path that they're walking along now. Which could throw off anyone who might be following them (Morgan) which would delay their meeting. It will also possibly throw them into new dangers as well.

The synopsis points to the detour being a godsend but in the world of The Walking Dead nothing is without its downsides. It's like a more brutal version of real life, the other shoe is always just waiting to drop. The detour could actually be what propels them to the Alexandria Safe Zone.

The title also says something about what viewers can expect. They obviously need to deal with their grief from the death of Beth and to a lesser extent, the cure being a big fat lie. The title seems to point to the group actually dealing with those issues and making a concrete plan on how they would handle things from that point forward

This has not traditionally been how Team Rick operated. They were more of a band of wanders looking for a safe space. Now it seems that they'll be taking a more active role in their own destinies.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 8.

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