Clash Of Clans Event Update: Some Fun Attacks With Dragons And Barbarians [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 01, 2015 11:27 AM EST

The Clash of Clans 'How To Train Your Dragon (Really, Really Fast) event is currently underway, but perhaps for not much longer. No, it's not actually called that and yes, it absolutely should be.

Vainglory Adds New Hero Ardan

The event enables you to train both Dragons and Barbarians five times faster, meaning Barbarians will be made every four seconds, and dragons every six minutes. A significant improvement, especially if you like raining fiery, fiery death from above.

But it's also fun for just Zerg rushing everything, and what are Barbarians if not tiny little Zerglings? On their own, they're largely ineffective and likely to be killed before even reaching the enemy's walls, but en masse? They can be quite powerful.

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Galadon of the Clash of Clans Attacks Youtube channel would like to remind you that when attacking with Barbarians, bring the King along. His special ability not only enrages the King's own cohort of Barbarians, but also every other one in the immediate area. That's like giving a Zergling a Stimpak!

They'll probably all die, but don't worry, you can have a full army back up in about a minute, assuming you have all the Barracks churning out Barbarians. The Dragons are there to play cleanup, as well as the hero units.

But in terms of straight Dragon attacks, it's now so much easier to build up the dragons you need (so pay attention, Town Hall 7) and haven't you always wanted to invade with a - Maelstrom of Dragons? Well, now you can, and it'll just cost you Elixir and not that most precious of commodities: time.

Watch Galadon in action below. Still a need a name for a Dragon/Barbarian attack. BarGon sounds nice, don't you think?

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