Crossy Road Chinese New Year Update Includes Free 'Fortune Chicken' Character, New Level

By Alex Riviello , Updated Feb 02, 2015 01:19 PM EST

Crossy Road, one of the most addictive mobile titles out there, has been updated on iOS with new characters once again. This time they're celebrating Chinese New Year.

This update includes three new playable characters- the Fortune Chicken, XI, and a secret character. As with the recent Australia Day update, XI is unlocked as normal, by collecting 100 coins in the game and hoping that the slow machine chooses him. You can purchase him for a buck if you're not feeling lucky, of course. The others are a little different, however.

The Fortune Chicken is absolutely free right of the bat. Unlike the other characters this one has to be "purchased" from the App Store. It requires you to enter your password and everything, even though it costs you $0.00.

Using the Fortune Chicken lets you play in a new wintery level populated with Chinese temples, fireworks that shoot off when you get near them, and other big surprises. It seems obvious that the third secret character can be unlocked somehow by playing this level, much the same way the Australia Day update worked. (Here's our full guide on how to unlock those five secret characters.)

Good luck unlocking that last one! We'll be trying to find it all day ourselves...

UPDATE: The secret character has been revealed to be Cai Shen, and he is unlocked by collecting those little papers in the Chinese New Year level, after all. Below is a video that shows how to unlock him!

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